You need to feel the art with your heart not only with your eyes.

My Story

I‘m not like anybody else, I‘ve known this since school. So there is no surprise that this feeling is still with me, just now I know that it is me greatest asset. I see, hear, feel, work and reach the final results of my projects differently than everyone else. Watching the environment I always take note of those things about which other don‘t even bother. I take not of the information, content, creativity, individual details and not only at the aesthetic expression that one might like while others may not.



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I mastered

quite few breadth and vector graphics, architecture and video programs. Such as 3Dmax, Photoshop, Gimp, ColerDraw, AutoCad, AdobePremier, Flash, ect... I studied art, modelling, I have the basics of C language, SQL, also PHP, HTML, CSS, ect. I am familiar with a variety of content management systems. Such as Joomla, Wordpress (I do like Joomle more, too be honest), Magento. I could continue to write down all of my informational knowledge but those are just tools, only the add-ins that helps you to go towards the result. All this knowledge would be just a dry IT information, dry and emotionless theory, if I hadn‘t been extending my knowledge of art, if I had stayed at the same spot and hadn‘t been keeping on the same base as all new design innovations, and of course, if I hadn‘t been trying to find myself time and time again. I have my own way of seeing my vision. I have to sense the project and I have to know and understand the person I am working with. The client is a friend to me, not just the customer. It is very important for me that our communication would be easy and informal, with a great possibility to discuss work affairs.